Strategy & Execution

I have run a number of strategy development programs during my time at one of Europeans largest telecom operators and provide my know-how & experience to large corporates/ enterprises, SMBs and from time to time via subcontracts to large global consultancy companies.


The main focus is:

  • Telecom wholesale business (both national regulated & international markets),
  • Management Consulting and
  • Interim Management


Our toolset is prepared to deal with quantitive and qualitative analysis of internal and external market data.


Creativity is key

See what others don't see and show it to them.


Design Thinking is an attractive methodology that we use to extract the right answers to your questions. If your team is able to come up with a prototyp (with our help indeed), then they will also be able to integrate a new product.


Over the last couple of years, modelling toys and tools entered into many exec's meeting rooms, which by the way, you will learn to use more frequently.



Plan - Do - Check - Act

Once you start implementing, the costs for changes increase significantly along the product cycle. The better the structure of your framework, the easier you will be able to adapt.